Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dream Vacation

I recently responded to a question that Mensa Bulletin posed to its readers: What is Your Dream Vacation?

My submission:

I dream of a year-long vacation to make friends, learn new languages, and discover beautiful landscapes. I would start in Argentina in January, where it would be summer. I have friends there, and a head start on Spanish. In April I would continue to Italy. Cinque Terre is gorgeous, and I love the sound of Italian. In July I would leave the EU for a month in Turkey. I have heard so many great things about it. I would return to Germany for August, September, and Oktoberfest. German would be a challenging switch from the romance languages, but I’m sure the beer would help. When it got too cold or I overstayed my visa, I would zip down to Madagascar for the rain forests and the beach resorts. While I’m in the neighborhood, my final stop would be Tanzania, to climb Kilimanjaro. Three continents, three languages, and as many landscapes as I can fit on Flickr.

What would be your dream vacation?


  1. I was glad to get the information about your blog. I had been following you on Facebook and missed those posting.
    If you get a chance give me a call.

  2. Somewhere with beautiful vistas, lots of hiking, plants to learn about, and a farm to work on. Ahh, away from the city is the way of it.