Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thanks, Accomplishments, and Time Wasters

Every morning I spend time reading the bible, praying, and being thankful. The rest of the day I struggle with temptations to waste time, because I’d rather feel like I accomplished something. Here’s a summary of this past week.

What I’m thankful for:
  • My cold went away after just a few days
  • My job lets me set my own schedule, especially when I have a cold
  • Happy hour with co-workers on Wed, over Brazilian beer, lamb meatballs, and sliders (most amazing appetizers ever!)
  • Fourth of July in San Francisco, hanging out with a work buddy and spending the day with his friends and neighbors
  • Emails from my church family
  • Talking to my brother on his birthday
  • Good conversations with my housemates

What I accomplished:
  • Finished June on-budget (close enough)
  • Opened up to my counselor on some issues I’ve been trying to hide from
  • Went to my first Mensa social event
  • Visited my local coffee shop for the first time - I plan to use it as a writing office
  • Signed up for the audio set-up team at church
  • Made progress on work projects

How I wasted time
  • Watched 10 episodes of Lie To Me
  • Read the New York Times (a lot) along with CNN Money online
  • Played Kingdom Rush (iPad game) a lot
  • Napped
(I think half my Saturday was spent on these activities.)

I’m trying to motivate myself to focus on activities that bring lasting value through learning or relationships, rather than escaping into TV or games. At the same time, I don’t want to condemn myself harshly when I choose activities that allow me to relax.

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